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At impro studio, we focus on the process of our techniques and are open to the wide breadth of potential outcomes.


take a course

At impro studio, we offer a variety of online courses, ranging from foundational introductions to in-depth explorations of specific topics. Some are open to everyone while others may have prerequisites or an application process.

In every course we mix individual work with small and large group activities. Whether this is your first-ever course or one of many on your professional journey, we believe that regular practice is how we build personal integrity.


We describe each course as accurately as possible, while being mindful of the unlimited potential of open-ended mutual play-learning. All courses are carefully designed based on our own improvisation journeys and their content will be curated improvisationally to meet each group's specific needs.

For more practical info, have a look at our Q&A page.

Screen Shot of people laughing and holding their hands up in a zoom meeting

There are many pathways to learning how to live improvisationally.
We practice with 'beginner's mind' and open ended possibilities.


drop-in any time

Our impro studio drop-in sessions range from one-offs to weekly classes. They are places to get acquainted with our way of practicing improvisation, as well as a growing community of on-going practitioners who enjoy learning through playing.


Our drop-ins are creative, playful, and carefully-crafted sessions, each of which unfolds as a live explanation of their teachings. We improvise improvisationally.

There are no levels or pre-conditions needed to participate in our drop-in events. We invite you to have a go and then decide how you want to continue.


Each session is different and caters to who shows up.

For more practical info, have a look at our Q&A page.

The here and now is where the magic happens.
It is where everything happens.

local events

local events

We are working to offer events on-location in the Netherlands.

If you wish to invite impro studio to your group or venue, please have a look at our for organisations page and get in touch here:

image of Angelina holding a presentation in a classroom with people sitting in groups.

Balance is not only found in stillness but also in constant movement together.



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