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We treat every encounter as an open-ended inquiry.
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We are in constant interchange with our surroundings. A message goes out, there is resonance with the world, information comes back.


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this meme is made of two parts. the first reads "before lockdown" and shows a cat and a mouse. The second one reads "now" and shows a cat sitting in front of a laptop with a computer mouse.

There is no fixed destination, no predetermined endpoint. This adventure takes us deep into our own experiences.


impro studio is physically located in the Netherlands, where Angelina lives and works. We travel around the country for in-house workshops and trainings.


Angelina offers 1-2-1 sessions in the cities of Hoorn and the town of Bergen. Our associates live in a variety of countries where they can offer 1-2-1 work.

Wherever you are located, we can always meet online.

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tel: +31 619585001

KVK: 84604557


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Do we wait for the path to reveal itself or take a leap of faith?

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We do our best to describe everything we offer as accurately as possible while also leaving room for open-ended possibilities.

Got a question? Want to read the smallprint? You can find a lot of information in our Questions and Answers section as well as in the footer of our website.

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