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people need people

being in conversation

You are warmly invited to a space of heartfelt care, humble learning and mutual curiosity; where people meet people from across the oceans and share their thoughts, ideas and stories. 


This is an ongoing improvised exploration of questions like what is essential, who am I now, what is work, health, education, growth, power, and more. As we listen to each other and share spontaneously, we dive ever deeper into the experience of how your story changes my story and vice versa. 

Free and open to all, People Need People sessions are for the everyday person. Here, you will meet people of diverse backgrounds, ages, geographies and ideologies. Whether you are a grandmother, a student, healthcare worker, artist, writer, gardener, scientist, consultant, creative, government official, dad, young, old and in between - our conversations build relationships that build relationships.

Image by Chris Montgomery

2024 Dates: 1 August

Weekday: Thursday

Times: 9:30am CEST / 5:30pm AEDT

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Session Duration: 2 hours

Location: Zoom/Online

Access Req: audio required, visual optional

Language: English

Group Size: max. 50 people

Contribution: Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Our coordinators and regular hosts:

The People Need People space is held by hosts trained in the People Need People (PNP) and Warm Data Lab processes, developed by Nora Bateson and stewarded by the International Bateson Institute.

These 90min sessions are participatory in big groups and small breakout rooms. In each group you will converse with a new set of people guided by a fresh set of topics. Whatever is alive in you in the moment, this space invites you to share that which wants to emerge. ​

You can drop in once or join as many as you like. Joining instructions will be sent via email upon receiving your booking. Places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Loved the space you hosts created and loved seeing people from the previous series rippling into a new pool. Which reminds me of the ripples rippling out from each of these sessions into the rest of our lives. Look forward to next time!

- Lesley MacLean

- Corina Lupu

Thank you for organizing this lovely session, I was touched by the delicate care I felt from the three of you. 🌻

It struck me it was like walking/playing on a giant piano keyboard with others - something to do with hitting the similar notes at different pitches and in different chords.

- Chrys Horn

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