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A taste of improvisation


These drop-in sessions are the perfect way to get an introduction to our practices. Here we explore together through pair and group activities. We play improvisation games, move around our virtual as well as our physical space, and experience creativity in our daily lives.


Each week is different as all sessions are specifically crafted for the people who are there. This is an opportunity to connect with people around the world by sharing experiences, stories and laughter.


Open to all, we enter through shallow waters to splash around in. As we get comfortable, we gradually dive deeper into the pool of our own experiences.


All sessions are designed to be energetic, light-hearted and playful, while also opening space for deep (inter)personal reflection as we learn more about each other and our lives.

The structured session lasts 60min, after which the Zoom room stays open for 30min of casual conversation. These sessions are participatory in big groups and small breakout rooms.


These drop-ins are not performance based, though performers can surely benefit from practicing relating improvisationally to themselves, others, and their spaces.

Weekday: TBC September

Times: TBC September

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Session Duration: 1 hour + 30min optional

Location: Zoom/Online

Access Req: audio, visual, gentle movement

Language: English

Group Size: max. 20 people

Contribution: by donation

Frequently Asked Questions

Our coordinator and host:

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You can drop in once or join as many as you like. Joining instructions will be sent via email upon receiving your booking. Places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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I feel you create a container for playfulness, experimentation, thought and newness which is produced through a combination of all those participating. To be part of the session means playing with ideas, some familiar seeds, some novel - and with those seeds tended to, comes so much wishing far beyond the drop-in.



I am enjoying the depth of the work and play, and the variation of the exploration. The interchange with the participants is brilliant. It is a growing portal to this wonderful philosophy of developing the collaboration between people being encouraged, and allowed to express and experience their deeper authentic selves.

I'm always looking for oniline improv that has a certain kind of feel; connective, fun, inviting spaces. This turned out to be exactly that - connective, inviting, and fun.


drop-in to impro text.png