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hello and welcome to impro studio

At impro studio, we offer activities for people who wish to relate creatively to themselves, others, and the world.

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Whether you've come via recommendation, search, or by chance

- I'm glad you're here!

Improvisation is an inherent human capability.

As an expression of life, we are improvising our present; continuously growing with our past and moving into our future.

Improvisation is an active process of communicating, collaborating, and co-creating today's world.

By practicing improvisation, we train our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational flexibility.

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At impro studio we nourish each other's well-being.
Through connecting with ourselves and others, we respond in-the-moment to personal, local, and global needs.

Whatever happens, life is to be experienced and engaged with. This can be challenging. And fun!

impro studio offers support for people to recognise, train and act on their improvisation abilities.

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These values form the foundation of our practices.

They are like a compass, providing orientation but not a map.

You can also find our Ethical Practice document here.

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