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impro studio helps people to recognise, train and act on their improvisation abilities.


what is improvisation?

Improvisation is how life lives life. It is a continuous flow of spontaneous creativity, pulsating with intuitive inspiration. We are born improvisers. Improvising is as essential as breathing.


By responding to the world around us, we contact our inner creativity, and express it through music, painting, dancing, writing, playing, cooking or conversation. Our improvisations are the active processes of communication, collaboration, and co-creation.


When improvising, we draw on all of our inner resources, trusting our knowledge, skills and experiences to coalesce and enable us to engage with the current moment. As an expression of life, we are improvising our present; growing with our past and moving into our future.

Conscious improvisation is delighting in the infinite possibilities at any point in time and space. Through practicing improvisation, we cultivate a comfortable attitude toward uncertainty and develop our capacity to be nourished by the excitement of the unexpected.

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impro studio offers activities for people who wish to relate creatively to themselves, others, and the world.

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what does impro studio do?

At impro studio, we work with individuals, groups and organisations to provide people with opportunities and space for authentic expression. 

For children, improvisation is easy. They know how to be spontaneous, playful, and free. But as we grow up and experience the complexities of life, improvising can become the most challenging activity imaginable.

Our intention is to propagate understanding, joy and awareness through our improvisation practices. Our business is to help people deal with the feeling of being stuck in their ways.

Together, we find creative freedom by removing blockages and playing with the structures that uphold our status quo.​​

Improvisation values are like a compass, providing orientation. They are not a map.


improvisation values

As an expression of life, we are improvising our present; continuously growing with our past and moving into our future.


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