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these skeletons are now alive

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

happy halloween, all saints, and day of the dead!

happy halloween, all saints, and day of the dead! it's time to let our skeletons come out of our closets and dance with the demons of our darkness: pain, suffering, and fear of death. dress up, greet them and play together! get familiar with that which is not reflected in the mirror: unspoken, unheard, unseen. get to know the presence of the infinite unknown.

our ghosts are here with us all day every day. the more we attempt to ignore them, the more powerful their influence on our daily lives becomes: not good enough, not fast enough, not (...) enough! feed greed with grasps for success, hatred with illusions of safety, and ignorance with promises of freedom and independence. survive by compromising, appeasing, and writing a post about it all on social media.

during this time, we can learn to recognise our masters in disguise through play. name them, unmask the treacherous, befriend the nourishing ones. Realise that we are all made of the dead.

so play! play to explore what lives within, play to awaken dormant dreams, play for life!

play at the edges of what is comfortable, what is possible, what is imaginable!

learn to risk certainty, let go of your fantasies of who you think you are, mourn the death of your ego.

enter the darkness, enter the unknown. where are you going? what will happen? who will you meet?

and who will your soul be then? perhaps a ghost? what about your skeleton? ready, steady,


with thanks to the creator of this vid:

PS: This blog is a re-post of my FB post on 1 November.

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