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improvising a spiritual journey

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Every day, impro studio is becoming impro studio. With every sunrise, it awakens and emerges from the depths of darkness, opening its petals to the nourishing light of conscious attention.

And every night, it is submerged back into the subconscious, where its spirit plays with all that is and has been. A dance of memories and dreams, fears and delights, mirrages and wonders.

Whose days and nights?

To me, improvising and building impro studio are my practice and craft of opening spaces where spontaneous creativity can flow and flourish through expression. A space where stories reveal themselves and are woven together as they are shared.

Mine, yours, the plum tree's...

This image shows a plum tree blossom with the sun in the background
Photo taken by Angelina Castellini

As I write, speak, and play impro studio into existence, our past, present and future all come together. Improvising means drawing on all of our wisdom and skills, using what's available to meet the needs of the current moment. Always learning, always adjusting.

Notice more.

We are in constant interchange with our surroundings. A message goes out, there is resonance with the world, information comes back. Sometimes loud and clear, sometimes faint and blurry. Send, listen, receive - sometimes all at once.

What's possible?

Improvising is a journey of (self)discovery, forging a path into an unknowable future. Sometimes, the path is obvious and easy to clear. Sometimes, we get lost in the mist of uncertainty; droplets of memories, swaths of worries, and unexpected obstacles.

Sometimes, life says "no!"

This image shows a misty forrest path
Image by Goran Vučićević on Unsplash

It's not a straightforward path. The world seems to find ever more ways to make life a dangerous and treacherous endeavour. Do we wait for the path to reveal itself or take a leap of faith?

Let's dance!

Dance to the rhythm of our heartbeats, move to the melody of our souls. Let's draw the smell of dawn, sing the sound of the colour yellow, and play the story of a memory long thought to be lost in time.

What lives between us?

This image shows a blurr of what might be a dancing person.
Image By Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

Here, we treat every encounter as an open-ended inquiry. What's it like to connect with myself, my environment, with you? There is no fixed destination, no predetermined endpoint. This adventure takes us deep into our own experiences.

What lives within us?

As we uncover our masks, unblock stagnation and release our creative energy from the bondages of habitual restraint, we enter the unknown. Here, boundaries are permeable when we become the muse, composer, producer, director, performer, instrument, and audience all at once.

Learning to sense, follow, and channel creative flow is a lifelong ritual. It is a commitment to refining our awareness, surrendering to the force of our craft, and gathering courage to trust in the unfolding of instantaneous creation.

Life is an ever continuing work in progress...

...submerging, merging, emerging....


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