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Join date: Jan 3, 2022

My impro studio story

Hello and welcome to impro studio! This is an introductory story of impro studio's, as well as my own being, doing, and becoming. It is one version of the complex web of stories that could be told on any given day. ​ impro studio for me is the convergence of experience, skill and dreams. Be it on a dance floor, in the office, or on a sail boat, I learn to improvise in all activities of my life.

Ever since I first stepped into an improvisation theatre workshop at the London School of Economics (LSE) Student Union in 2009, I have been creating spaces for improvised explorations, fuelled by a desire to enjoy freedom within and between the edges of structure. ​ My professional improvisation journey so far has included co-founding the LSE Language Center's English Through Improv classes and acting in all sorts of roles as a member of the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN): administrator, conference organiser, floor manager, stakeholder liaison, volunteer manager, Certified Practitioner, AIN Watch Party leader, workshop facilitator...

I continue to educate myself by training with Phoenix Opleidingen, Nora Bateson, and as a student of a variety of Martial Arts and Meditation teachers. ​ And now, building impro studio. With impro studio, I hope to nourish the people I interact with, our environments, and my own inner yearning for peace. ​ I'd like to thank my caring family, my deeply loving partner, my trusted friends, my teachers, communities, talented mutual-mentors, trusting students, the land on which I walk and live, all beings and nature which provide me with all that is necessary to live and thrive as a human being. Thanks to all of them, I am learning to understand myself through ever deeper layers of my process. ​ This is one way I wish to present myself here. Who I am to you will depend on how, when and where we get to know each other. I look forward to meeting you!

Some facts about me

First Name
Last Name
English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French
Foundations & Credentials
2021-24 Phoenix Opleidingen Professional Communication; 2020-23 Warm Data Host Training; 2019-20 East Side Institute Intro to Social Therapeutics; 2017-23 AIN Certified Practitioner
Core Improvisation Practices
Applied Improvisation, Improv Theatre, Dancing
Other Practices
Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Salsa, Bachata, Lindy Hop, Clowning, Stand-Up Comedy, Poetry, Painting, Collaging, Clay Sculpting, Sailing, Baking Sourdough
Affiliated Companies
The Applied Improvisation Network
Animal Companion
Lucie Cat

Angelina Castellini



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