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drop-in to impro!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

We have launched!

On 21 April 2022 at 5pm Netherlands time, I hosted the very first impro studio drop-in to impro session!

What a delight and relief! I am so thrilled to have taken this plunge! It really is a dream come true!

This is a screenshot of a Zoom meeting. It shows six people, including the author, all at different angles to their camera, having fun. At the bottom is the impro studio logo.

Thank you to these wonderful humans who were there to celebrate and play together! Especially my mother, who has been my number-one fan since before I was born!

Between us, we spanned 3 continents and 2 generations. Together, we moved, shared stories, and laughed! We explored our relationships to ourselves, the other people in the room, and our personal spaces.

Life is improvisation is life!

Drop-ins now happen weekly on Thursdays and I hope to see you there!

These sessions explore improvisational elements of every-day life.

Each week will be different, with new combinations of individual, pair, and group activities inspired by a variety of arts including theatre, dance, martial arts, writing, storytelling, mindfulness... gentle, joyful, and crafted specifically for those who are there.

And each week will be similar, as every session offers opportunities to connect with people around the world by sharing stories, experiences, and laughter.

This image shows a drop of water falling into a body of water. The link leads to the sign up form for the drop-in sessions.

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