patrons & donors

impro studio is an organism supported by people who believe in our vision and improvisation practices.


On this page, we give thanks to those behind the scenes who make impro studio possible. They are supporters and guardians of various kinds.

If you have something to offer, whether it's a donation, a venue, or a cool project, go ahead and press one of these two buttons:

THANK YOU to our patrons

Inge & Peter

Inge and Peter are Angelina's parents and impro studio's grandparents. As elders, they provide a nest full of nourishment, encouragement and support.

Through impro studio, the whole family is finding new ways of being and relating improvisationally. All of our love and pain is intricately woven into the fabric of this artistic venture.


It's a big honour to walk this healing path together.


At impro studio, we explore our gifts in relationship to ourselves, others, and our environments.


The official start of this venture has been made possible by a financial gift from Angelina's uncle Hermann. We hold his generosity with gratitude as it enables us to share our wealth of experience with you and with the world.

We are honoured by Hermann's trust and confidence in our process.

THANK YOU to our donors

Here will soon be a list of people who have made independent financial donactions to impro studio.

When making a donation, you can indicate whether you would like to do so anonymously or be thanked with your name listed here.