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impro studio offers private 1-2-1 sessions for anyone who wants to explore improvisation related topics and/or deepen their improvisation practice.


This is a space for you to experience being held with care and to practice holding yourself lightly. Together we re-connect, re-frame, and re-discover how to improvise in our world.


The nature of how we might work together depends on the specifics of your situation. This may be broad/open-ended and long-term, or specific/focused and short-term. It may take the form of coaching, consulting, training or free form.

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Improvisation is a process of connecting, interacting and relating creatively within the living complexity of life here and now.

your 1-2-1 partner

Angelina Castellini

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Our first 30min conversation is always FREE of charge.


Together we will figure out which format best fits your needs.

For more information on hourly rates, have a look at our terms & conditions.


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Conversations with Angelina are a unique state of flow, or maybe a ping pong - gentle and at the same time exciting discovery. Her calming presence, authenticity and attentive listening encouraged me to open up and to explore more complex questions of how we all as humans relate to life, ourselves and the people around us with a sense of support and acceptance. No topic is too big or small - it is all part of being here and now - and Angelina embodies this philosophy in how whe shows up for every conversation.

— Renate Mikucevska

This will soon be a testimonial. For now, it's me, Angelina, saying hello :-)

— Angelina Castellini